The Tefilah Podcast

Tehilim 119: Part 03 - Aleph, Pesukim 5-8

June 14, 2022 Rabbi Matt Schneeweiss Season 8 Episode 13
The Tefilah Podcast
Tehilim 119: Part 03 - Aleph, Pesukim 5-8
Show Notes

This evening (6/14/22), in our last Tehilim/Tefilah shiur of the season, we finished the "Aleph cluster" of pesukim. First we reviewed our interpretations of pesukim 1-4, then we worked out pesukim 5-8 with the help of the meforshim. By the end, we had a unified approach to the entire eight pesukim which can stand as its own sub-perek of Tehilim. And now for a 2.5 month hiatus! Plenty of time for each of us to continue learning Tehilim/Tefilah on our own before joining forces again after the summer (בג"ה).
תהלים קיט
רש"י - תהלים לז:כב
רמב"ם - משנה תורה: ספר המדע, הלכות דעות ג:ב-ג
ספורנו - תהלים קיט:ח
רד"ק - תהלים קיט:ה-ו
מצודת דוד - תהלים קיט:ו
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