The Tefilah Podcast

Tehilim 27: Hashem Ori v'Yishi (Part 1)

September 07, 2022 Rabbi Matt Schneeweiss Season 9 Episode 1
The Tefilah Podcast
Tehilim 27: Hashem Ori v'Yishi (Part 1)
Show Notes

This evening (9/7/22), in our inaugural Tehilim/Tefilah shiur of the season, we began our analysis of Tehilim 27, which is customarily recited between Rosh Chodesh Elul and Shemini Atzeres. We spent the first half of the shiur translating the perek, noting many of the nuances and ambiguities, and spent the second half raising questions, making observations, and suggesting approaches. The participants in the shiur voted to wait until next week to make our "big move" which will unlock the perek, which means that we have a week to think about it before we continue (and, hopefully, complete) our analysis.
תהלים כז
Robert Alter, The Book of Psalms: a Translation with Commentary
רש"י - תהלים כז:ד
ראב"ע - תהלים כז:ז
The Torah content for the first two weeks of yeshiva has been sponsored by Avital H. May Hashem send a refuah shleimah to Moshe Gavriel Ben Malka.
If you missed the crash-course on "How to Learn Tehilim," here are links to the YouTube video, the podcast episode, and the written version. You might also be interested in How TO and How NOT to Apply Tehilim to Your Life and How to Say Tehilim for the Sick Without Violating Halacha.
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