The Tefilah Podcast

Tehilim 27: Hashem Ori v'Yishi (Part 3)

September 21, 2022 Rabbi Matt Schneeweiss Season 9 Episode 3
The Tefilah Podcast
Tehilim 27: Hashem Ori v'Yishi (Part 3)
Show Notes

This evening (9/21/22), in our Wednesday night Tehilim/Tefilah shiur, we concluded our analysis of Tehilim 27 - at least, for this first time learning it! After a LENGTHY review and refinement of the points we covered last time, we finished analyzing the remaining pesukim, then attempted to summarize the purpose of the perek as dictated by the central idea. We even had time for a brief side-point at the end about the Maimonidean view of Gehinom, as explained by the Radak. All in all, this was a great perek. It feels so good to actually understand what I'm saying whenever I say this during this time of year!
תהלים כז
מצודת דוד
This week's Torah learning has been sponsored anonymously, and is dedicated to Yehudit Malka bat Ronit Elisheva, in the zechus that Hashem may help her find what she's looking for. 
If you missed the crash-course on "How to Learn Tehilim," here are links to the YouTube video, the podcast episode, and the written version. You might also be interested in How TO and How NOT to Apply Tehilim to Your Life and How to Say Tehilim for the Sick Without Violating Halacha.
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