The Tefilah Podcast

Tehilim 24: Sunday's Psalm (Shir Shel Yom Rishon b'Shabbos) (Part 2)

November 02, 2022 Rabbi Matt Schneeweiss Season 9 Episode 7
The Tefilah Podcast
Tehilim 24: Sunday's Psalm (Shir Shel Yom Rishon b'Shabbos) (Part 2)
Show Notes

This evening (11/2/22), in our Wednesday night Tehilim/Tefilah shiur, we attempted to land the plane ... and crash landed. We began by reviewing the translations and questions from last time, then made some little moves here and there, but did not manage to answer any of Adler's Four Questions, and did not end up with any sort of takeaway. I'm not the first student of Torah to write "tzarich iyun," and it looks like that's where we'll have to leave it for now. May Hashem "uncover our eyes and let us see wonders from His Torah" (cf. Tehilim 119:18).
רמב"ם - אבות ד:ב
תהלים כד
אבן עזרא - תהלים כד:י
רד"ק - תהלים כד:א
ספורנו כד:א,ד
רמב"ם - משנה תורה: ספר המדע, הלכות תשובה ח:ד
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