The Tefilah Podcast

What's the Deal with Shema Koleinu? (Part 1)

February 01, 2023 Rabbi Matt Schneeweiss Season 10 Episode 1
The Tefilah Podcast
What's the Deal with Shema Koleinu? (Part 1)
Show Notes

This evening (2/1/23), in our Wednesday night Tefilah shiur, we began a multi-part shiur which began with two questions submitted by my talmidim. We began by raising the questions, doing a quick but comprehensive review of what tefilah is and how it works, then using that review to answer SOME of the questions. We then delved into the text of Shema Koleinu, raising all the major and minor questions we could think of. Next time (בג"ה) we'll begin by attempting to answer the question, "What does it mean for Hashem to 'hear' 'accept' and 'answer' tefilah?" after which we will learn through Shema Koleinu to answer as many of our questions as we can.
רשב"ם ורד"ק - בראשית מח:יא
אנקלוס ורש"י - דברים לב:לא
רמב"ן ורלב"ג - שמות כא:כב
סידור עבודת הלב (אוצר התפילות) הקדמה
נוסח התפילה - שמע קולנו
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